Educational software

Educational software

Educational software are especially made for teaching or self-learning purposes. They are very complex and will usually come with an interactive system, which will enhance the learning process for the user. The educational software industry is a very competitive one, and nowadays we can see different types of software, covering the most important fields of study. The education is slowly moving from the classic methods to the digital ones. The reason is simple: the student can understand the specific course easier, and the teacher can explain it faster and in a more logical structure. It’s a win – win situation. However, the educational software development was constant, and during the past few years, their services significantly evolved. This development knew 3 critical periods, and these are: 

1940 – 1970

The first educational software was built in 1943, during the WWII, and it was designed as a flight simulator for the combat pilots. In 1963, IBM built the first educational software for academic purposes. It was made for the Mathematical Study Institute of Stanford University. The software had a great success and one year later, the system was implemented on a larger scale. 

The 70s 

The educational software development was mainly influenced by the invention of the first PC. From now on, the educational software were not only available for schools or official institutions. Everybody could have access to an educational software from the comfort of its home. The software developers understood that, and focused on delivering useful, but also user-friendly educational software.The main companies from this period are Apple, Commodore and “The learning company”. Not only that they had success with their products, but they also put a foundation stone in the educational software development. Offshore software development center

From the 90s till today

The educational software developers had some great ideas regarding their products, but they were being limited by the existing hardware. That’s why, after the hardware manufacturing industry advanced, the software development simply “exploded”. 1995 was the year of the first interactive educational software. From now on, the programs were using multimedia files, improved graphics and more quality sounds. They were coming on CD-ROMs, being more easy to install. 

Today, the educational software development reached its highest peak and we can only hope for more. The touchscreen devices, ensure a better accessibility for this kind of programs, making them in the same time, more accessible. This market is becoming more competitive than ever, and it’s producing millions of dollars every year. They are slowly replacing the classical ways of study, and most of the people consider this, as being the best thing in the tech revolution.